Jane Morris

Special guest

Jane Morris现任Cultureshock Media与《The Art Newspaper》特约编辑,并长期为《Economist》《Monocle》及《Art Agency Partners》等媒体撰写文化艺术类文章。她曾在《The Art Newspaper》伦敦及纽约编辑团队任职近十年,在多个艺术类国际项目中担任策划及编辑工作,合作过的学者、专家、艺术家、策展人、艺术咨询人、资深媒体人不可胜数。她还曾担任Museums Association出版总监和European Museum of the Year奖项评委会成员。此外,她还为Radio 3, Radio 4及Monocle 24等播客和电台节目担任嘉宾,并为《The Guardian》《The Independent》等英国国家媒体供稿。她曾于伦敦中央圣马丁学院学习艺术,并于伦敦大学城市学院攻读新闻学。她目前还担任全球畅销艺术杂志《Tate Etc》编委会成员。

Jane Morris is the editor at large of Cultureshock Media and The Art Newspaper, and a regular contributor to the Economist, Monocle and Art Agency Partners on art and culture, among other publications. She was the editor of The Art Newspaper (London and New York teams) for almost a decade, and has devised and edited many international projects on the visual arts. She works with a wide circle of academics, experts, artists, curators, consultants and specialist journalists. She was previously head of publications at the Museums Association, and a judge and committee member of the European Museum of the Year Award. She contributes to Radio 3, Radio 4 and Monocle 24 radio, and has written for national newspapers including The Guardian and The Independent. She studied fine art at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, and journalism (postgraduate) at City University, London. She is an editorial board member of Tate Etc, the world’s best-selling art magazine.

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