Adam Lindemann

Special guest

Adam Lindemann 是当代艺术与设计收藏界的品位倡导者。他在纽约经营知名画廊 Venus Over Manhattan,致力于以近乎离经叛道的方式打造传统及当代艺术展览。Adam Lindemann也是一位多产的艺术作者,他为《纽约观察家》(The New York Observer)撰写的专栏广受欢迎,他的两本著作《收藏当代》(Collecting Contemporary,2006)与《收藏设计》(Collecting Design,2010)位列Taschen出版社最畅销艺术书籍之列。Adam Lindemann亦因屡创当代艺术拍卖纪录而著称——2007年,他送拍的杰夫·昆斯(Jeff Koons)作品《悬挂的心》(Hanging Heart)创下当时在世艺术家的拍卖纪录;2016年5月,他送拍的巴斯奎亚(Jean-Michel Basquiat)作品《无题》(Untitled)创下当时巴斯奎亚作品的拍卖纪录。他曾在BBC、Charlie Rose、路透社等多个媒体平台的节目中担任特邀评论员及受访嘉宾。Adam Lindemann现生活工作于纽约。

Adam Lindemann is recognized as a taste-maker in collecting and investing in contemporary art and design. He operates Venus Over Manhattan, the influential gallery devoted to iconoclastic exhibitions both historic and contemporary. Lindemann was also known for his art writing, specifically his popular column in The New York Observer, as well as two of Taschen’s bestselling art books, Collecting Contemporary (2006), and Collecting Design (2010). Lindemann is perhaps best known, however, for setting records in the contemporary art auctions. In 2007, he sold Jeff Koons’ “Hanging Heart,” setting the world record for a living artist at that time. Then in May of 2016, he sold Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Untitled,” setting an all-time record for a work by the artist. He has been a featured commentator in several documentaries and interview relating to collecting and art, including recent features on the BBC, Charlie Rose, and Reuters. He lives and works in New York City.

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