Ronald Rael

Special guest

伯克利加州大学建筑系主任,设计行动主义者,3D打印、边境墙研究、生土建筑领域的前沿学者及实践者。他的著作包括《作为建筑的边境墙:美国-墨西哥边境宣言》和《生土建筑》。他联合发起的3D打印研究所“Emerging Objects”致力于通过3D打印革新建筑、建材、环境和产品。2014年,他与Virginia San Fratello联合创立的工作室Rael San Fratello获得纽约建筑联盟授予的“Emerging Voice”荣誉。

Ronald Rael holds the Eva Li Memorial Chair in Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a design activist, author, and thought leader within the topics of additive manufacturing, borderwall studies, and earthen architecture. Rael is the author of Borderwall as Architecture: A Manifesto for the U.S.-Mexico Boundary and Earth Architecture, and co-founder of Emerging Objects, an independent, creatively driven, 3D Printing MAKE-tank specializing in innovations in 3D printing architecture, building components, environments and products. In 2014 his creative practice, Rael San Fratello (with architect Virginia San Fratello), was named an Emerging Voice by The Architectural League of New York—one of the most coveted awards in North American architecture.

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