Thomas Girst

Special guest

Thomas Girst(1971-)曾在汉堡大学和纽约大学学习艺术史、德国文学和美国研究。他获得了美国研究专业的博士学位。自2003 年以来,他就任宝马(BMW)集团全球文化事业总监,并于2016年获得“年度欧洲文化管理者奖”。作为一名文化作家、策展人、出版人、教师,他在现当代艺术领域著述甚广,其著作包括《1912年杜尚在慕尼黑》(2012)、《暧昧的杜尚》(2013)、《杜尚词典》(2014)、《宝马艺术车》(2014)、《艺术世界的100个秘密》(2016)等。

Thomas Girst (b. 1971) has studied Art History, German Literature and American Studies at Hamburg and New York Universities. He holds a PhD in American Studies. Since 2003, he is global Head of Cultural Engagement at the BMW Group. As a cultural correspondent, curator, publisher and academic lecturer, he has written widely on modern and contemporary art. His publications include 'Marcel Duchamp in Munich 1912' (2012), 'The Indefinite Duchamp' (2013), 'The Duchamp Dictionary' (2014), 'BMW Art Cars' (2014), and '100 Secrets of the Art World' (2016). He received the international “European Cultural Manager of the Year” award in 2016.

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