Cuauhtémoc Medina

Special guest

策展人、评论家和艺术史学家。拥有墨西哥国立自治大学(UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)历史学学士学位,以及英国埃塞克斯大学(University of Essex)艺术史及艺术理论博士学位。1993年起任教于墨西哥国立自治大学,并担任其艺术研究所全职研究员。2002年至2008年间担任伦敦泰特现代美术馆(Tate Modern)首位拉丁美洲当代艺术收藏联合策展人。他的艺术观点广泛地著述于各类杂志、期刊与出版物。2017年出版名为《双向滥用》(Mutual Abuse)的专著回顾其有关墨西哥的艺术研究。他曾参与组织、策划多个国际大型展览和艺术项目,包括弗朗西斯·埃利斯(Francis Alÿs)的”信仰移山”(When Faith Moves Mountains,2001);“差异时代:墨西哥1968-1997艺术和视觉文化”(The Age of Discrepancies. Art and Visual Culture in Mexico 1968-1997,2007-2008);第53届威尼斯双年展墨西哥国家馆“我们还能谈什么?”(What Else Could We Talk About?,2009);西班牙穆尔西亚当代艺术计划(PAC Murcia)的展览项目《食人多米诺》(Cannibal Dominoes,2010)等。2012年,Medina担任第九届欧洲宣言展(Manifesta 9)总策展人。2013年起,他担任墨西哥国立自治大学当代艺术博物馆(MUAC)首席策展人。2018年他应邀担任第12届上海双年展主策展人。

Art critic, curator and historian – holds a Ph.D. in History and Theory of Art from the University of Essex in Britain and a BA in History from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Since 1993 he has been a full time researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), lecturer at the Philosophy Faculty and the Postgraduate Department of Art History of the same university, and between 2002 and 2008 was the first Associate Curator of Latin American Art Collections at the Tate Modern. He has widely published texts in books, catalogues and periodicals. A recent compilations on his critical interventions on art in Mexico has been published with the title Abuso Mutuo (Mutual Abuse) by Cubo Blanco and RM in 2017. Among other projects, he has organized When Faith Moves Mountains (Lima, Peru, 2001) by Francis Alÿs; The Age of Discrepancies, Art and Visual Culture in Mexico 1968–1997, (in collaboration with Olivier Debroise, Pilar García and Alvaro Vazquez, 2007-2008); Teresa Margolles’s project for the Mexican Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2009, What Else Could We Talk About?, Dominó Canibal (Cannibal Dominoes) (2010), one year long series for, the Contemporary Art Project (PAC) in Murcia, Spain; and in 2012, he was Head Curator of the Manifesta 9 Biennial in Genk, Belgium, titled The Deep of the Modern, in association with Katerina Gregos and Dawn Ades. Since 2013, he is Chief Curator at the Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC) in Mexico city. He is the chief curator of the 12th Shanghai Biennale (2018).

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